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Coffee Lovers

Cabra Loca offers an unforgettable experience to true coffee lovers with the finest coffee beans from Venezuela.

Coffee Enthusiasts' Discovery Route

Our experienced coffee experts work to provide our customers with an extraordinary coffee experience by using the best coffee beans. Discover the unique flavors of Cabra Loca and take your coffee experience to the next level.

Our experienced coffee experts, steeped in a passion for coffee, carefully select the finest coffee beans to offer our customers an extraordinary coffee journey. Visit us to discover the unique flavors of Cabra Loca and elevate your coffee enjoyment to new heights.


For Your Most Special Memories

Carefully selected coffees from the world's finest coffee farms and uniquely prepared snacks tailored to the desires of coffee enthusiasts.


Bringing You the World's Best Coffees


Carry the flavor of Cabra Loca wherever you go with coffees carefully selected and roasted from the world's finest coffee farms.

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Discover rich flavors that bring coffee enthusiasts together, the journey of the beans, and inspiring content about coffee culture.